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The pneumatic triplet of two-way solenoid valve is the air source processing part

2020-06-23 17:18:26


In pneumatic transmission system, pneumatic triplet refers to air filter, pressure reducing valve and oil mist device. Some famous automobile relays and cylinders can be lubricated without oil trace (by lubricating grease), so there is no need to use oil mist device! For the large DC transformer, the accuracy is 10-0.05 μ m, which is 10-0.05 μ M-40 μ M.

The installation of high-quality high-pressure two-way solenoid valve is close to the pneumatic mechanical equipment, which is the final guarantee of compressed air quality. The installation sequence of the three parts is air filter, pressure reducing valve and oil mist eliminator according to the direction of air inlet.

The air filter and the pressure reducing valve together can be called pneumatic coupling. The air filter and pressure reducing valve can also be put together in the shipping container, and the customized high-pressure two-way solenoid valve will be changed into a filter pressure reducing valve (the function is the same as the combination of air filter and pressure reducing valve). Special high-pressure two-way solenoid valve can not allow the presence of organic waste gas in compressed air in some places, so oil mist separator must be used to filter out the organic waste gas in the compressed air.

All in all, these electronic devices can be selected according to the necessity, and they can be used together.

The air filter is used to remove the air source, which can filter the moisture in the compressed air to avoid the moisture entering into the machine and equipment along with the gas.

The pressure reducing valve can be used to stabilize the gas source, so that the air source is in a stable state, which can reduce the harm to the system configuration such as the stop valve or electric actuator when the air source tire pressure standard suddenly changes.

The lubricator can moisten the prefabricated components of physical exercise and fitness, and can moisten the prefabricated components that are not convenient to add grease, which greatly improves the service life of the body.


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