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Brief introduction of typical control scheme of high pressure solenoid valve manufacturer

2020-06-23 17:25:32

It can be used in high-pressure two-way valve (sis2.4-10bar / 10bar) in high-temperature and high-pressure range (2-10bar / 4) of high-pressure two-way valve (sis2-10bar / 10bar) in high-temperature range The working pressure of the channel is 6 bar).

In the modern automation production, the control puts forward a variety of special requirements for the system gate valve, so the control valve must be equipped with a variety of attached equipment (commonly known as accessories) to consider the necessity of the processing process. For example, in order to improve the static data characteristics and dynamic characteristics of the regulating valve, the positioner should be applied; in order to keep the driving force operated valve clean and the working pressure stable, it is necessary to wear a gas filtering pressure reducing valve; in addition, the high-quality solenoid valve of bottle blowing machine is required to complete the function characteristics and regulations of universal control valve safety failure mode, and the relative control accessories are also required In a word, the function of accessories depends on making the control valve function complete, effective and safe.

Due to the diversity of control valve accessories configuration and the whole process control and processing technology regulations of modern automation technology, this paper takes typical accessory configuration plan as an example for different production process control stages and regulations of customized bottle blowing machine solenoid valve.

The valve position can be adjusted at will when the gas (electricity) is normal, and the valve is calibrated (fo or FC) when the safety is invalid

As shown in the figure below, a two position three-way solenoid valve is equipped between the output of the positioner and the actuator. When the air (electricity) of the solenoid valve of the special bottle blowing machine is normal, and the relay is energized by induction, that is, P ←→ a intercommunication. The random valve position is completed by providing (4-20mA) data signal. When the switch power supply of the control valve has common faults (tripping or switching power supply is less than the minimum specified value), or the control needs emergency interlocking, and the relay itself is not in good contact, the speed can be adjusted, that is, a → r intercommunication. The pneumatic valve in the actuator diaphragm head is quickly discharged according to the R port of the relay. At this time, no matter whether the data signal given by the locator is given or not, the The control valves are in the original position (the configuration in this figure is common fault open). So as to ensure the production safety of the whole process of the relevant processing technology, and also ensure that the relevant machinery and equipment are not damaged.



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