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Help of two position two way solenoid valve to hydraulic circuit

2020-06-23 17:26:11

The hydraulic control check valve is widely used in the hydraulic circuit, but when using the valve, the characteristics of the valve should be considered, otherwise the circuit will not be disordered. Especially in the high pressure system software, the pressure of P2 port before the hydraulic control one-way valve is opened in the opposite direction is very high, so as to reduce the operating pressure, hydraulic shock and noise in the hydraulic system software, and the hydraulic control product with unloading valve core is selected Products. The unloading valve can improve the function of the hydraulic control check valve. The characteristic of the hydraulic control check valve is that when there is no pressure oil at the port K of the hydraulic control check valve, the pressure oil only flows into the oil hole P2 from the oil hole P1, and can not be reversed. When there is operating pressure oil at control port K, the hydraulic oil will promote the small chain by operating the piston rod, and the small chain will open the unloading valve core. In addition, the main valve core of the high-quality two-way solenoid valve will be opened, and the two ports P1 and P2 will be connected, so that the hydraulic oil can be free and smooth in both directions. The unloading valve reduces the hydraulic impact, so that the function of the hydraulic control product is not casual, but in the large flow high pressure system software There are still shocks or noises.

Hydraulic control one-way valve is often used in solidification, pressure relief and clamping circuit. During the whole process of pressure maintaining in the system software, due to high pressure, oil compression, pipeline swelling, elastic deformation of components, etc., all can store kinetic energy. During pressure relief, the kidney volume suddenly releases. Moreover, when the hydraulic directional valve moves from the middle position to the left position, due to the high pressure in the upper chamber of the hydraulic cylinder, the pressure of the lower chamber has increased, and the unloading valve and main valve are basically opened separately, so that The pressure oil is released to the fuel return pipe according to the hydraulic control check valve. Because of these two reasons, the pressure relief after curing is too fast, resulting in shock, vibration and noise. Therefore, we have carried out improvement on this kind of hydraulic circuit.

Because the high pressure and large flow hydraulic control check valve causes too fast pressure relief, the special two-way solenoid valve expands the impact. Therefore, a Norgren relief valve is added to the circuit to customize the two-way solenoid valve, so that the unloading valve of the hydraulic control one-way valve is opened first, and then the main valve is opened. Because the overflow valve has sufficient flow monitoring scope, it can ensure the least random total flow and is convenient to adjust, The leakage is small, and the temperature and pressure do little harm. Therefore, according to the adjustment of the relief valve, the pressure relief time of the hydraulic oil in the upper chamber of the hydraulic cylinder is relatively increased, and the working capacity of the pressure collection will also be improved. The impact and noise of the returned hydraulic oil on the components and parts will be improved. The same improvement has been carried out on the circuit of the high pressure and large flow hydraulic control check valve, and the results can meet the requirements without harming the speed of operating the piston rod.



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