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Installation guide for two way solenoid valve filtration and pressure reducing valve

2020-06-23 17:26:53

The filter pressure reducing valve is used to filter the residual water and oil in the air compression, clean the air compression, and can adjust the pressure to the value required by customers, and then carry out the pressure stabilizing pipe to show the pneumatic valve pressure for various pneumatic instrument panels and regulating valves. According to the adjustment, the filter pressure reducing valve reduces the inlet pressure to a certain necessary outlet pressure, and with the help of the kinetic energy of the material itself, the outlet pressure is automatically maintained for a long time. From the point of view of fluid dynamics, the pressure reducing valve is a throttle valve component whose friction resistance can be changed. That is, according to changing the total area of throttle valve, the water flow and mechanical energy of fluid mechanics can be changed, resulting in different pressure damage, so as to achieve the goal of relieving pressure. Then, with the help of the adjustment of the operation and adjustment system software, the high-quality high-pressure solenoid valve makes the fluctuation of the pressure behind the valve in phase with the elastic yellow force, so that the pressure behind the valve is stable within a certain deviation range.

Before installing the filter pressure reducing valve, make sure that it is installed in accordance with the following installation manual:

If the customized high-pressure solenoid valve is already installed on another machine at the time of transportation, the corresponding installation guide must be followed.

1. The actual operation of the filter pressure reducing valve within the rated value range can not eliminate the probability of damage due to the debris in the pipeline or external sources. Special high-pressure solenoid valve should be on time and after all over-voltage conditions occur, check whether the pressure reducing valve is damaged.

2. Only qualified and experienced staff who have passed the training can install, operate and maintain the pressure reducing valve. Make sure the pressure relief valve is not damaged and there is no dirt inside. In addition, make sure that there are no fragments in all hose and piping system software.

3. When installing the pressure reducing valve, pay attention to the inflow mark on the oil circuit board of the pressure reducing valve to ensure the steam body's fluidity from in (injection) to out (discharge).

4. In order to achieve the actual effect of z-best sewage discharge, please accurately locate the blowdown valve at the point as low as possible on the seepage well. The better direction can also be adjusted according to the oil circuit board turning the well depth.



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