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Harm of oil mist from high pressure solenoid valve manufacturer

2020-06-23 17:30:54

The atomizer has high pressure of 17bar, operating temperature of - 20 ℃ - 80 ℃, with service life indicator and liquid level indicator, modular design, convenient disassembly and installation, as well as the middle and later maintenance.

In the normal industrial metal processing process, because of the application of metal cutting fluid, a lot of oil mist particles will be produced in the air. High quality two position two-way solenoid valve metal processing lubricant is a kind of complex compound. In addition to hydrocarbon composition, it will also contain sulfonate, fatty amine, phosphate, colorant, pesticide bactericide and other compounds. If it is a lubricant that has been delivered for a long time, because of the air oxidation of hydrocarbons, the breeding of microbial strains or the environmental pollution of external residues, there will be a large number of compounds in metal processing lubricants that will be harmful to the health and ecological environment. Therefore, manipulating the oil mist concentration value of metal processing workshop is the key countermeasure related to the health and safety of manufacturing enterprises.

The existence of oil mist in metal cutting fluid greatly increases the potential fire hazards. In addition, the probability of falling on the wood floor with oil mist is increased. The customized two position two-way solenoid valve with oil mist is discharged from the workshop, which will continue to cause environmental pollution to the natural environment. The harm of metal cutting fluid oil mist also depends on the physical and mental health of workers who touch it. Long term exposure to metal cutting fluid oil mist will cause diseases, allergic skin diseases and tumors, and special two-way solenoid valve will cause genetic hazards. Metal cutting fluid is complicated in composition. Preservatives and air pollutants in it will act as irritant elements to cause sudden asthma, which will change the original condition of asthma or cause tracheal discomfort of patients without asthma. Even if the concentration of oil mist is only 0.41-0.55mg/m3, long-term exposure to such oil mist will still cause diffuse acute bronchitis, chest discomfort and airway irritation.



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