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Selection of two position two way solenoid valve depends on parameters

2020-06-23 17:32:36

What are the essential parameters for model selection? The key is temperature. The higher the temperature is, the better the working pressure is. There is no same specification. A solenoid valve capable of withstanding high temperature of 700 ℃ is installed on a 200 ℃ pipeline. If it is not stuck or locked, or the solenoid coil is easy to burn, why? Now let's analyze it.

Why is it easy to be damaged? When the valve is energized, the iron core of the power transformer is lifted to promote the transmission system to spring yellow and pull up, and the auxiliary valve is opened. Since the auxiliary valve is opened, the working pressure and fluid dynamics of the upper end of the main valve cup are discharged, so the working pressure under the high temperature solenoid valve cup is higher than that at the top. The working pressure below lifts the main valve cup upward. After the main valve is opened, the front and rear working pressure is the same. Under the action of magnetic field force, the valve cup is placed in a balanced state and the solenoid valve is opened. When the power is cut off, the auxiliary valve is closed under the action of the net weight of the flow coil and the return spring yellow. After the auxiliary valve is closed, the main valve cup is pressed down with the increase of the working pressure at the upper end of the valve cup. If the function of the sealing function of the cut-off flow is exceeded, the solenoid valve is closed.

1、 Not working after power on

1. Check whether the wiring of power transformer is poor - re wiring and RF connector connection;

2. Whether the magnet coil is in bad contact --- re arc welding and electric welding;

3. Check whether the working standard voltage of the power transformer is within ± 10% of the working range --- adjust all normal position ranges;

4. Common fault of magnet coil short circuit fault of customized normally closed solenoid valve --- remove and replace magnet coil;

5. Whether the working differential pressure is not good - adjust the differential pressure - or replace the same solenoid valve (the article is originally created by Shanghai chuannai, a famous manufacturer of solenoid valve, politely refuses to copy and transfer);

6. The viscosity of liquid is very high, the frequency is too high and the service life has reached --- replace the product;

7. The main valve core of automobile relay and the coil of moving transformer are blocked by sediment. If the sealing is damaged, the sealing should be replaced and the filtering system should be installed;

8. Special normally closed solenoid valve fluid dynamics temperature is too high --- replace matching solenoid valve.

2、 Other situations

1. Noise when power on - the head top fastener is loose and tightened. If the fluctuation of working standard voltage is not allowed, adjust the working standard voltage. If there is sediment or uneven on the binding surface of transformer coil, clean or replace it immediately.

2. Internal leakage: check whether the seal is damaged and whether the spring yellow assembly line is poor

3. Leakage --- loose joint or damaged seal --- tighten the screw or replace the seal



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