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Characteristics and development trend analysis of two position two way solenoid valve

2020-06-23 18:38:10

As a kind of electric actuator of instruments and meters, the use of solenoid valve has increased greatly in recent years. In this paper, the main characteristics of solenoid valve are analyzed, and the development trend of China's production technology is briefly and specifically described from the perspective of application. The aspects of simplification and simplification, intelligent system, practicality and specialization are investigated respectively, and the social factors endangering the technological development trend of solenoid valve are discussed.

(1) Exposed plugging, easy to control air leakage, application safety.

Internal and external leakage is a serious safety hazard factor. Other automatic control valves generally extend the valve seat, and the rotation or movement of the valve center is controlled by the electric actuator of the hydraulic control valve of the electric, pneumatic and normally closed magnetic valve manufacturers. It is necessary to deal with the leakage difficulty of dynamic sealing of valve seat in long-term posture; only the electromagnetic valve is applied with magnetic force to seal in the transformer core in the magnetic separation and waterproof sleeve, so there will be no dynamic sealing, so the exposed valve is easy to be blocked. The torque control of electric control valve is not easy, which is very easy to cause air leakage and even break the top of valve stem head; the structure of solenoid valve is very easy to control internal leakage until it drops to zero. Therefore, the application of solenoid valve is very safe, especially in corrosive, harmful or high and low temperature test medium.

(2) The system software is simple and easy to connect to the computer, and the price is cheap.

Compared with other types of electric actuator such as regulating valve, the solenoid valve is easy to install and maintain. More obviously, the software of the automatic control system is much simpler and the price is much lower. Because the solenoid valve is controlled by power switch data signal, it is very convenient to connect with industrial automation electronic computer. In today's computer popularization, the price greatly reduced period, the advantages of solenoid valve is more significant.

(3) Posture express company, small output power, light design.

The response speed of solenoid valve can be as short as several ms, even the dominant solenoid valve can be controlled within tens of MS. Normally closed solenoid valve company because of the creation of control loop, than other automatic control valve reflect more dexterous. The output power consumption of solenoid coil with appropriate design scheme is very low, which belongs to energy-saving and environmental protection product; it can also ensure that the valve position can be maintained automatically only by opening the position, and there is no power consumption at all. The size of the solenoid valve is small and the valve is normally closed. The price of the solenoid valve not only saves indoor space, but also is light and beautiful.

(4) The adjustment accuracy is limited and the available media is limited.

Generally, the solenoid valve only has two cases of power switch, and the valve core is only at two limit positions, which can not be continuously adjusted (there are many new design ideas to be improved, but they are still in the experimental use link). Therefore, the adjustment accuracy is still limited.

The electromagnetic valve has higher requirements on the cleanliness level of the medium. The medium containing particles cannot be used. If it is residual, it must be filtered out first. In addition, the thick medium can not be used, and the viscosity range of special commodity is narrow.



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