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Selection of two-way solenoid valve accessory solenoid valve power supply conditions

2020-06-23 18:45:22

1、 Switching power supply standard of solenoid valve

According to the switching power supply type of power supply system, AC and DC solenoid valves are selected respectively. Generally speaking, AC is convenient to take.

(1) AC380V and DC24V are preferred as far as possible.

(2) The voltage fluctuation of power supply is generally + 10%, - 15% for AC communication, and ± 10% for DC capacitance. In case of deviation, voltage stabilizing tube shall be adopted or special ordering regulations shall be put forward.

(3) The rated voltage and output power consumption should be selected according to the volume of switching power supply. The hydraulic solenoid valve should pay attention to the high VA value when the communication is started, and the indirect guide solenoid valve should be preferred when the volume is not enough.

2、 Environmental standards for selection of solenoid valves

The maximum and minimum temperature of the environment should be selected within the allowable range. If there is any deviation, it needs to be ordered specifically.

(1) In the environment where the air humidity is high and there are water droplets in the rain, the moisture-proof solenoid valve should be selected.

(2) For example, it is necessary to select the special type of electromagnetic valve such as vibration, vibration and so on.

(3) In corrosive or combustible environment, corrosion resistance should be preferred according to safety factor.

(4) If the indoor space is limited, please select the intelligent solenoid valve. The SMC solenoid valve eliminates the bypass and three handed valve and is convenient for online maintenance.

3、 Control precision of solenoid valve

(1) Generally, the solenoid valve only has two parts of opening and closing. When the control precision is high and the main parameters are stable, please select multiple solenoid valves; z3cf three position open and close solenoid valve has three kinds of total flow: full open, full open and close; zdf-z1 / 1 intelligent solenoid valve has four kinds of total flow: full open, large good, small open and full.



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