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Two position two way solenoid valve failure and solution list

2020-06-23 18:47:54

To check the solenoid valve does not work in the common fault, please check the following levels: (1) solenoid valve terminal loose or wire end broken. The solenoid valve is not connected to the power supply and can tighten the end of the wire.

(2) When the solenoid valve coil is burnt out, the solenoid valve wiring can be removed and measured with a multimeter. If the power circuit is open, the solenoid valve coil is burnt out.

The reason is that the coil is wet and cold, resulting in poor insulation and magnetic leakage, resulting in excessive current in the coil and ignition, so it is necessary to avoid precipitation into the solenoid valve. In addition, the spring yellow is too hard, the recoil force is large, the coil turns are very small, and the adsorption force can not make the coil ignite. For emergency solution, during all normal operation period, the manual key on the coil can be turned from "0" position to "1" position to open the gate valve.

(3) The solenoid valve is stuck. The gap between the valve core and the solenoid valve core is very small (less than 0.008 mm), which is generally an integral part. When the introduction of mechanical equipment residue or grease too long, very easy to jam. The solution is to make the transmission line jump back by passing through the small round hole at the top of the head. The solution to root pressing is to remove the solenoid valve, take down the valve core and the valve core waterproof sleeve, and clean it with CCI4, so that the valve core can be moved easily in the valve sleeve. During disassembly and assembly, attention must be paid to the installation sequence and external wiring position of each component, so as to facilitate proper re assembly and wiring, and to check whether the welding dust inlet hole is blocked and whether the lubricating grease is sufficient.

(4) Steam leakage. The leakage can cause insufficient standard air pressure, and the pressure valve cannot be opened and closed due to the damage of the sealing ring or the valve core of the two chambers.

When solving the common faults of the solenoid valve in the power switch system software, select the appropriate time and solve the solenoid valve when the switching power supply is turned off. If there is no solution in the conversion gap, the conversion system software can be suspended and resolved.

Solenoid valve is widely used, such as sprinkler irrigation system, folding machine, four column hydraulic press, common fault coil burned valve core card, seal ring damage, etc., can be replaced one by one! Generally, the coil is damaged. Solenoid valve is widely used, folding machine four column hydraulic press, common fault coil burned out the secret medicine card, and the seal ring was destroyed.



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