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Two position two way solenoid valve
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5241015 High pressure 2 way valve

5241015 High pressure 2 way valve

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  • Release date:2020-09-01 19:38:19
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52410 series high pressure two way valve

Type: normally closed

Interface specification: DN 15; G1 / 2 "(4 points); G3 / 4" (6 points)

Working pressure: 3 ~ 40bar (max50bar)

Optional voltage: DC24V, DC12V, AC220V ~ 230V

Application: this high pressure solenoid valve has a life expectancy of millions of cycles and a response time of only a few milliseconds. It can be used in intensive applications and high-tech machines such as PET bottle blowing machines or laser cutting machines.

Features: the valve adopts diaphragm seal structure, beautiful appearance, reliable quality, large flow rate, simple structure, convenient maintenance, good waterproof performance and many wiring directions.

5241015 高压二通阀


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